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Autism, Glyphosate and the Cannabis Revolution (AutismFile article)

Autism File’s latest issue is covering an interesting segment discussing cannabis usage in autism. Access the full,free edition here.

The Autism File Magazine was founded by Polly Tommey in 1999. Polly Tommey and her husband, Jonathan, had become frustrated by the scarcity of resources and information to support them in caring for their son, Billy, who has autism. Polly is part of the VAXXED – From cover up to catastrophe movement. Follow them on Facebook here. Thank you Autism File for the interest into my research.

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How glyphosate destroys our ability to produce “super-cannabinoids” and is the reason for the exploding rates of autism

Autism is complex. No one has yet presented a comprehensive understanding of the disease process. In this article, I wanted to touch upon some simple core principles. I hope that by the end of it you start to see that what is happening here is beyond concerning.

According to the CDC, laboratory testing newly diagnosed individuals with autism is not recommended. This means no celiac antibodies, allergy testing, immunologic or neurochemical abnormalities, micronutrients such as vitamin levels, intestinal permeability studies, stool analysis, urinary peptides, mitochondrial disorders, thyroid function tests, or erythrocyte glutathione peroxidase studies. And these are just basic tests. We are not even talking about more complex lab tests like nagalase and glyphosate. So don’t be surprised if your pediatrician thinks you are a little kooky!

Here, I will make a blunt claim about a very toxic chemical: Glyphosate. The effects of glyphosate on the human organism are horrendous. I will present scientific evidence of harm. The effects of this herbicide on the brain will explain why autism can present as such an acute regression. I specifically wanted to highlight a key finding I came across, which hopefully will be an eye-opener for those who are starting to grasp the magnitude of this.

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Practical Approach to Cannabis Based ASD Therapies Part 3

In part two: “The Role of Phytocannabinoids in Autism Therapy“, we provided a brief overview of the preclinical research implicating the role that the endocannabinoid system (ECS) plays in the progression of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), preclinical research supporting targeting the ECS to treat ASD, and provided a number of preclinical studies indicating the potential value of phytocannabinoids in treating symptoms and diseases associated with ASD.

Here we’ll examine the shortcomings of current research, explore possible adverse effects of cannabinoid treatments, discuss the types of autism that may currently warrant cannabinoid treatments, and illustrate how a family might systematically approach a cannabinoid treatment for ASD. … Continue Reading