Cannabis for Autism

Cannabinoid Synergy With Hyperbaric Oxygen

It has been hypothesized that children affected with ASD might benefit from Hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) owing to the increase in cerebral perfusion occurring during treatment.

With the growing body of evidence in the literature that describes beneficial phytocannabinoid effects in patientsaffected with ASD, we highlight the principle mechanisms of a novel concept, e.g. phytocannabinoid-hyperbaric-oxygen synergy and its role in paving the way for faster and lasting clinical benefits.

Dr. Christian Bogner on Cannabis & Autism


Vaccine Mechanisms in Autism

A vaccine’s contents are injected into the muscle. From there it elicits a specific response from the immune system. Additives called adjuvants are put in vaccines to make the immune system response more pronounced and therefore more effective. Certain adjuvants in vaccines are powerful activators of brain microglia. Heavy metals like aluminum keep microglia in the activated state longer and make it difficult to switch into the anti-inflammatory state. 

The response to these vaccine adjuvants is that the microglia secrete cytokines, little molecules that recruit other inflammatory cells to help out clean the offending antigen. The brain inflammation in autism is aseptic, which means it is not caused by a true infection, but by continuously providing just enough adjuvants in vaccines to permanently keep microglia in the pro-inflammatory state.

So how are Gylphosate and adjuvants in vaccines linked to autism?

Cannabis Research

Dr. Bogner is an independent researcher and lecturer on the endocannabinoid system. If you would like to have Dr. Bogner at your next conference or would like to schedule an interview, let us know

Autism Consulting

Autism Spectrum Disorders can be a difficult condition to navigate. Through my personal experience and research I can help to guide you through setting a baseline and treatments specific to your child.

Cannabis Consulting

The integration of the endocannabinoid system into mainstream medicine is the future. I've found the benefits of cannabis can be helpful as a treatment adjuvant for a number of conditions and may be beneficial for you. 

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Dr. Bogner is a proud supporter of Autism Dad.

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